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Short course: JPEG 2000 image coding standard

Course notes of a JPEG 2000 short course given at the International
Conference in Image Processing (ICIP). By Dr. Majid Rabbani and Diego Santa-Cruz. The course covers image coding principles, a review of JPEG and all the main elements of JPEG 2000: wavelet transform, entropy coding, bitstream structure, error resilience, functionality, performance evaluation, etc.

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Posted in March 7th, 2004

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Coderjoe says,
8-20-2007 at 21:54:09 from    

Hopefully, the software you use for the site notifies you of comments. Anyway, on to the actual comment:

It appears that the link is no longer valid.

You’ve got a really interesting site here. I wish I had known about it sooner, as I was looking for a way to decompress data that was run through the PkWare DCL awhile back. I discovered your site from a sig on a reply to Ben Rudiak-Gould’s post to comp.compression about the compression format.

stass says,
8-31-2007 at 12:04:08 from    

thanks for your comment, here is updated link

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