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Compression programs that are oriented specifically towards backup features.

Peter’s Backup

Peters Backup is a program for backing up your important data files on to diskette, zip drive, fixed disk or CD/RW. It uses an extremely efficient compression algorithm. It keeps track of all versions of your files in full and incremental backups.

Version 1.16 is shipping as of June, 2004.


Posted in June 27th, 2004


Zipgenius is yet-another-archiver. Supports 21 different compression formats, plus a pretty long list of extras, such as FTP support, email, backup functions, and more. The long list of features might make you expect a price tag, but ZipGenius is in fact free!

Version of ZipGenius is shipping as of June, 2004.


Posted in June 14th, 2004

Argentum Backup

This backup program stores your data in standard Zip files, created either manually or automatically. The usual host of backup features are supported, such as the ability to backup the registry, E-mail messages, your address book, and so on. You can download a 15-day trial version of this commercial program.

It appears that version 2.10 of this program shipped in January, 2004.

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Posted in May 13th, 2004

DAR - Disk Archive

A command line program for making backups of directory trees and files. This freeware is ported to Linux, Windows, and Solaris.

Version 2.0.2 shipped in December, 2003.

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Posted in December 14th, 2003


Another backup program that is based around the Zip standard. Supports deflate64, spanning, and other advanced Zip features. This is Win32 shareware.

Version shipped in December, 2003.


Posted in December 13th, 2003


A shareware backup program that saves your stuff to the Zip format. We like that.


Posted in October 5th, 2003


Another Win32 backup program. 30 day free trial, but you have to pay up after that.


Posted in June 25th, 2003

SuperCool ZIP Backup

SuperCool Zip Backup software is a data backup,restore and file synchronization program. You can use any drive in your system to store the backup files in standard Zip format that can be transferred to remote machine by FTP or Email. It can also compare and synchronize files or folders.

Version 1.61 is shipping as of May, 2003.


Posted in May 8th, 2003

Back4Win Backup Software

A backup program that uses the standard Zip format for compression. Yes, you can do backups with just a Zip program, but then you wouldn’t get all the cool options here, including disk spanning options, a nice GUI, password options, and more. This product comes in a freeware and shareware version.

Back4Win 2.5 and Back4Win 2.7 are shipping as of April, 2003.


Posted in April 15th, 2003


This is an open source tool that is described as a Java based archiving tool that is ideal for housekeeping tasks such as backups, pruning and more. Part of the archiving task is the ability to create zip archives, which explains its presence here.

Version 1.0 of Jarchiver is shipping as of March, 2003.


Posted in April 3rd, 2003

Zip Backup to CD

A backup program that uses the standard Zip format. Supports complete system restore for Windows ME and 9x. Version 3 will have built in CD and DVD burning support, eliminating the need for an external burner program.

Version 2.34 is shipping as of March, 2003.


Posted in April 3rd, 2003


Freeware program written in VB5 that automates system backup, using Zip format.

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Posted in October 12th, 2002

Delphi Programming - Backup and Data Compression

The guide to Delphi Programming has a section on Data Compression and Backup software that looks pretty useful. is a search engine and link site that features pages edited and maintained by real live humans.


Posted in July 20th, 2002


Lots of folks (including me) perform system backups into Zip archives. Over the years I became leery of proprietary formats used by various manufacturers of tape drives, removable disks, etc. Zip files give me a much better feeling, and make it a lot easier to browse through my backups. Martin Aignesberger must feel the same way, because he has created a product that performs daily backups into Zip files. This is a commercial product, but he does offer a 30 day free evaluation.


Posted in July 9th, 2002

Automatic File Archiver by JSPayne

An archive manager that has some built in functionality that helps you with your backup requirements. Automatic archiving in the trusty Zip format.


Posted in April 4th, 2002


A Win32 backup program that stores files in a Zip compatible format.


Posted in February 27th, 2002


TurboZIP is an Archive, E-Mail Manager and Auto Backup tool. It opens major archive and E-mail formats. It offers the unique capabilities to internally view, print, copy, launch, and virus
scan files within ZIP and E-mails without unzipping; unique ZIP Set and Multi-threading operation for simultaneous zipping, unzipping, auto backups.

TurboZip 5.1 appears to have been released sometime around January, 2003. Unfortunately, the FileStream web site doesn’t provide any sort of release history for this product, so it’s impossible to determine exactly when the release shipped and what features were added in 5.1.


Posted in July 23rd, 2001