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Markov Modeling

Markov modeling is essentially a method to predict the probability of a given character based on what has come before it. The best know type of Markov modeling is known as PPM, which has its own category. This topic covers all things Markov that are not PPM-related.

XMLPPM: XML-Conscious PPM Compression

Published in Source Code, PPM

An open source project that performs PPM compression on XML files. The advance knowledge of XML format helps give this algorithm somewhat better compressions ratios on XML data than universal compressors.

Version 0.98.1 was shipping as of June, 2004.


Posted in June 13th, 2004

PAQ4 Archiver

The latest in the series of multi-model compressors from Matt Mahoney. This improves on PAQ3n’s remarkable Calgary corpus performance by an additional 12K, at some expense in speed. Takes a whopping 84MB at runtime!


Posted in October 26th, 2003


Matt Mahoney says that with recent improvements by Serge Osnach, PAQ3N does better on the Calgary Corpus than any other open source compressor.

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Posted in October 18th, 2003

Text Preprocessing for Data Compression

by Jürgen Abel and William Teahan. This paper looks at a few different techniques for preprocessing data before performing text compression, and compares the gains achieved when combining the preprocessors with PPM, BWT, and LZ algorithms.

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Posted in July 19th, 2003

ShipInBottle Archiver

This is a Russian language web site, so I’ll have to apologize in advance for any mistakes. As far as I can tell, this is a PPM-based archiver. I can’t tell if it’s free or not, so I’m listing it as both!


Posted in June 21st, 2003

Dmitry Shkarin

Dmitry Shkarin is the author of the PPMD compressor. His homepage has links to to versions A-I of the compressor as of April, 2003. This page is in Russian, but I find that running it through
BabelFish produces a usuable translation.


Posted in April 14th, 2003


Salvador Fandiño García has created a Perl interface to Dmitry Shkarin PPMd compression library.

Version 0.05 is shipping as of March, 2003.


Posted in April 1st, 2003

Compression via Arithmetic Coding in Java

Bob Carpenter has created a nice Java package that implements a PPM/arithmetic coding compression system. This page includes links to the source code, javadocs, and a fair amount of tutorial material. Very complete!

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Posted in December 11th, 2002

BICOM - BIjective COMpressor

BICOM is a freely available open source compressor. It uses a souped-up PPM algorithm, and is completely bijective.

Reader comment:
Wow this is hot! …a bijective compressor
using full size Rijndael encryption…

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Posted in November 1st, 2002

UPL Compression : the complete professional toolkit

The UPL Compression Library is a high-performance professional compression library. It offers the ability to compress and decompress data, buffers, strings or single files and features the latest innovations in data compression. The library offers eight extremely powerful compression algorithms. Dynamic Huffman, Arithmetic, BWT, Ppm and several Lempel Ziv flavors. user John G. had this to say: I was looking for adding a better compression to my Visual Basic project and it worked like a charm. The compression ratio is really good, better than Zip!

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Posted in August 27th, 2002


What appears to be a comprehensive FAQ on PPM programming. Russian language, and fairly slow loading, but no reason not to try Google or BabelFish for a translation.


Posted in June 6th, 2002

PPMD var I1

Published in Source Code, PPM

From the archive: PPMd program is file-to-file compressor, it is written for embedding in user programs mainly and it is not intended for immediate use. I was interested in speed and performance improvements of abstract PPM model [1-5] only, without tuning it to particular data types, therefore compressor works good enough for texts, but it is not so good for nonhomogeneous files (executables) and for noisy analog data (sounds, pictures etc.).

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Posted in June 2nd, 2002

Markov Predictive Coders : PPMZ

This directory contains source and executable for Charles Bloom’s PPMZ encoder, as well as a paper on PPMZ and some benchmark results. There are also links to a few other pages containing PPM information.
News: Charles Bloom has now released the source code to PPMZ2. He says it is both cleaner and faster than the original PPMZ code.

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Posted in April 14th, 2002

Design and Analysis of Fast Text Compression Based on Quasi-Arithmetic Coding

by Paul Howard and Jeff Vitter. Here’s what they have to say about this paper from the abstract: Our algorithm, related to the PPM method, simplifies the modeling phase by eliminating the escape mechanism, and speeds up coding by using a combination of quasi-arithmetic coding and Rice coding. We provide details of the use of quasi-arithmetic code tables, and analyze their compression performance. Our Fast PPM method is shown experimentally to be almost twice as fast as the PPMC method, while giving comparable compression..


Posted in April 7th, 2002

Bill Teahan’s Papers

Bill has links to some of his papers here, citations for all.


Posted in April 1st, 2002

PPM: one step to practicality

by Dmitry Shkarin. Dmitry is the author of PPMd, a well know compressor. PPM is a powerful compression technology which has a reputation for being resource intensive. In this paper Dmitry adds bells and whistles to basic PPM and gets fantastic results.

Reader jcp said: Big problem: algorithm very slow, it’s impractical to search anything inside of compressed files (compared with gzip), .. But it’s good to send/receive letters of e-mail, well compressed!!!

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Posted in February 9th, 2002

Lectures on Statistical Modeling Theory

A paper by Jorma Rissanen, IBM Almaden Research Center.


Posted in November 11th, 2001

Test Harness for the PPMD Compressor

Published in Source Code, PPM

Here’s a nice little frameword for testing PPMD, or for that matter, any other compressor.

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Posted in June 18th, 2001

PPMD Var ‘G’ (Dmitry Shkarin)

Free PPM program with full source, advertised as fast.

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Posted in December 1st, 2000

On-Line Stochastic Processes in Data Compression

Suzanne Bunton’s PhD thesis. A recent post to comp.compression said that Bunton had used floating point math for arithmetic coding. I haven’t verified this, but it sounds worth a look.


Posted in June 24th, 2000

PPMD Var ‘F’ (Dmitry Shkarin)

Published in Source Code, PPM

A file to file compressor that uses the PPMD algorithm is boasts of being very fast.


Posted in April 18th, 2000

DWC File Format

An explanation of the archaic DWC file format.

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Posted in February 14th, 2000

General Prediction

Some thoughts on modeling from Charles Bloom.

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Posted in January 6th, 2000

Finite context modeling

An article by Arturo Campos that describes and discusses Finite Context Modeling. This modeling technique is uses by PPM compressors, although Campos makes the point that the ideas in this article can be used in other compressors as well.

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Posted in December 18th, 1999

PPMD Var ‘E’ (Dmitry Shkarin)

Published in Source Code, PPM

Another version of the PPMD program by Dmitry Shkarin. Readme says this includes a bug fix, and removal of one model.

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Posted in December 17th, 1999


Arturo Campos presents the LZP algorithm, first described by Charles Bloom. LZP is a hybrid of dictionary based coding and statistical modeling. This means it has some of the elements of popular LZSS encoders, but takes advantage of PPM style modeling as well. The combination of the two leads to very good compression ratios.

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Posted in November 17th, 1999

Lzp order-3 with linked lists

Another article about LZP by Arturo Campos. This piece describes a specific implementation technique using linked lists.

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Posted in November 17th, 1999

Lzp research

Arturo Campos has been doing quite a bit of research on the LZP algorithm (first described by Charles Bloom.) This paper presents all of his results to date.

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Posted in November 17th, 1999

Lossless Data Compression Toolkit

Version 1.1 of the lossless data compression toolkit by Nico deVries. The C sources in this toolkit include an LZW compressor, AR002 archiver, a PPM like compressor using arithmetic compression, Huffman compressor, splay tree program, and LZRW1. Quite a variety.

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Posted in November 14th, 1999

PPM by Bill Teahan

This ftp site has a few PPM programs, along with Bill Teahan’s thesis.

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Posted in November 13th, 1999