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Advanced de-interlacing techniques

by E.B. Bellers and G. de Haan.
“This paper presents an overview of deinterlacing techniques and describes some advanced motion
compensated de-interlacing techniques in more detail. These motion compensated methods
are analyzed and mutually compared. It is concluded that the success of motion compensated
de-interlacing depends critically on a protection mechanism.”


Posted in July 6th, 2007

Advanced De-Interlacing techniques with the use of Zonal Based Algorithms

Alexis M. Tourapis, Oscar C. Au, Ming L. Liou.
“This paper describes a new highly efficient deinterlacing approach based on motion estimation and
compensation techniques. The proposed technique mainly benefits from the motion vector properties
of zonal based algorithms, such as the Advanced Predictive Diamond Zonal Search (APDZS) and
the Predictive Motion Vector Field Adaptive Search Technique (PMVFAST), multihypothesis
motion compensation, but also an additional motion classification phase where, depending
on the motion of a pixel, additional spatial and temporal information is also considered
to further improve performance.”


Posted in July 6th, 2007

A Hybrid Edge-enhanced Motion Adaptive De-interlacer

by Marc Ramirez.
“Many methods have been proposed to perform high quality de-interlacing but few of them are computationally efficient enough to be implemented in a fast software application. In order to come closer to this goal, this paper discusses a non-motion compensated (Non-MC) hybrid de-interlacer which benefits from a proposed HDTV de-interlacer and the idea that jagged edges can be improved with additional processing.”


Posted in July 6th, 2007