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Throw in conferences and exhibits and you should have a complete understanding of what’s being presented in this section.

Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov

This site is dedicated to the Centennial of Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov, a leading light in the field of complexity. The site contains the information for a conference being held in his honor in Moscow during June, 2003.


Posted in April 21st, 2003

Data Compression Conferences

Jürgen Abel is now tracking conferences which will be covering data compression topics. This listing includes the conference, dates, web page, and submission deadline. You are encouraged to keep Jürgen updated with any new information.

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Posted in January 19th, 2003

The Data Compression Conference

IEEE Data Compression Conference (DCC’2002), held each spring in Snowbird, Utah. This is the main event in the compression world. Note that the 2002 advance program is available here as of 3/02.

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Posted in March 23rd, 2002

Multimedia Computing and Networking 2002

The term “Multimedia” obviously covers a lot of different topics. Compression is one of them, and there is certainly a great deal to learn about compression and media formats at this conference.


Posted in February 24th, 2002

CMPE 263 Handouts by Glen Langdon

A set of handouts for a survey course on Data Compression, inlcuding papers on various types of coding, information theory, and more. An academic approach to the topics but quite accessible.


Posted in November 5th, 2001

ACM Multimedia 2002

The ACM Multimedia conference for 2002 takes place December 1-6, 2002 in beautiful Juan-les-Pins on the French Riviera. Get your submissions in quick before the show fills up.


Posted in November 4th, 2001

Toshiba Announces MPEG-4 Support Chips

Toshiba is creating MPEG-4 support chips that vendors are looking to included in mobile handset. This article notes that the chipset will be designed to work with specific baseband hardware, such as Qualcomm’s, and might not work elsewhere.


Posted in November 4th, 2001

EE 5585 Home Page

A collection of class notes, homework assignments, and links for a class on Data Compression at the University of Minnesota.

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Posted in August 30th, 2000

Principles of compression techniques

A set of slides, apparently for a course talking about data compression.


Posted in July 29th, 2000

TSBK01 Image Coding and Data Compression

A course being given by the Image Coding Group at Linköping University. Contains a few useful links plus some course material.


Posted in June 3rd, 2000

Data Compression Conference 1999 - Proceedings

All of the papers from the 1999 Data Compression Conference are available here on line. Yes, there is a catch - you will have to pay if you want to do more than read the abstract. (Looks like a strong incentive to become a member of the IEEE Computer Society.)

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Posted in June 3rd, 2000

Data Compression Conference 2000 - Proceedings

All of the papers from the 2000 Data Compression Conference are available here on line.

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Posted in June 3rd, 2000

Data Compression Conference 1997 - Proceedings

All of the papers from the 1997 Data Compression Conference are available here on line.

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Posted in June 3rd, 2000

Data Compression Conference 1998 - Proceedings

All of the papers from the 1998 Data Compression Conference are available here on line.

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Posted in June 3rd, 2000

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing

This conference is being held June 5-9 in Istanbul Turkey. The call for papers deadling is June 10, 2000. This is the 25th anniversary meeting of the ICASSP.

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Posted in December 31st, 1999

Steve Tate

Home Page for Steve Tate, University of North Texas. State Tate is an Associate Professor at the University of North Texas, and has links to a few data compression papers on his site.

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Posted in November 27th, 1999

Applied Wavelet Analysis Courses

The following short courses are offered in 1998-1999, based on the book A Friendly Guide to Wavelets by Gerald Kaiser:
A Detailed Introduction to Wavelets With Applications to Image Analysis and Lossless Coding
A Detailed Introduction to Mathematical and Physical Wavelets
With Applications to Image Analysis, Sonar and Radar


Posted in November 19th, 1999

A Short Course in Information Theory

8 lectures by David J.C. MacKay
January 1995. Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, Great Britain.
All of these lectures are available as PostScript files. The eight lectures cover data compression, coding, arithmetic coding, noisy channel coding, and much more

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Posted in November 7th, 1999

Notes on suffix tree construction

Notes on suffix tree construction, some course notes for COMP 612: Graduate Seminar in Compiler Construction, includes some pointers to important papers. user David D. had this complaint: None of the links work on this page, all there is is a short paragraph on suffix trees. I have to agree, it’s a rather strange page.


Posted in November 7th, 1999

Information Theory Research Group

Home page for John C. Kieffer, Dept. of EE, University of Minnesota. Includes course descriptions for classes on data compression and information theory. The course descriptions have links to some papers.

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Posted in November 7th, 1999

EE376B/Statistics 376B: Information Theory

A course outline from Stanford.


Posted in November 6th, 1999

International Symposium on Information Technology: Coding and Computing ITCC 2000

Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society March 27-29, 2000, Las Vegas, Nevada

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Digital Image Processing Data Storage Platforms
  • Document Image Analysis Optical Data Transmission
  • Data Compression New Architectures for Multimedia
  • Authentication of Video and Audio Processing
  • Data Graphics and Video Hardware
  • Multimedia Computing Error Control Codes
  • Hybrid Source/Channel Coding Video and Audio Codec Design
  • Systems Interfacing and Enterprise Architectures
  • Integration Enterprise-wide Information
  • Information Databases Management

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Posted in November 4th, 1999

Speech Coding

Published in Courses/Seminars, Speech

What appears to be a course or lecture outline on speech coding.

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Posted in November 2nd, 1999

2000 IEEE Workshop on Speech Coding

The 2000 IEEE Workshop on Speech Coding will be held from September 17-20,
2000, at Lake Lawn Resort, Delavan, Wisconsin, USA.

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Posted in October 28th, 1999

EE372 Home Page QUANTIZATION and Data Compression and

A basic syllabus and links giving a wide survey of the field.


Posted in February 17th, 1999

Information Theory

Lecture notes for a course on Information Theory, by John Lafferty, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. Includes handouts, problem sets, code, additional lectures, and a page of links.


Posted in December 24th, 1998