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Compression is addressed in hardware just as well as in software. This topic covers implementations of compression in chips, devices, etc.

Parallel Implementation of Data Compression Technologies for Multi-Gbit/s Networks

This group at Loughborough University in the UK would like to use sophisticated compression techniques in high speed networks. To make it all happen, they need to do it in hardware, and do it in parallel. This page has information about their efforts, along with links to papers and other information.



Posted in May 15th, 2004

X-Match Pro

A fast ASIC core designed for lossless compression.


Posted in May 15th, 2004


Published in Hardware, Internet

These folks make NetCelera, a WAN compression product.


Posted in March 1st, 2004

Expand Networks

Expand makes a series of Network Accelerators. These are black boxes that perform lossless compression on packets being shipped across our WAN. Lots of competition in this area, so companies like Expand depend on innovative and proprietary techniques to give them an edge.

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Posted in March 26th, 2003


Published in Hardware, MP3/MPEG Audio

Driver and software for the jazPiper(tm) MP3 player.


Posted in February 25th, 2003


VisioWave is offering simple, modular, integrated and open-ended high-quality and reliable hardware and software solutions for compression, processing and real-time transmission of very high quality video over any network (IP, ATM, ADSL, cable, wireless, …).

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Posted in December 23rd, 2002

MP3elf - Network MP3 Player

The MP3elf is a low-cost Ethernet connected MP3 player that receives a MP3 stream from a local area network server and delivers it to amplified speakers or a Hi-Fi system. You can have a single source of MP3 files in your home or office, and browse through playlists from any MP3elf. The Universal IR receiver allows the MP3elf to respond to one of your existing Remote Controls (or use the on-board pushbuttons) and the LCD interface can display your very own choice of information. The elfServer software design allows compatibility with a range of different front-end options. As it is Java based, it can run on Windows, Macintosh, or Linux machines.


Posted in October 30th, 2002

XCode Video Networking Processor

Published in Hardware, Video

ViXS Systems from Toronto, Ontario has announced the
XCode chip, which they say will adjust MPEG formats, bit rates, and
resolutions on the fly as data moves through an IP network. At a
minimum, this means the part can format MPEG1 to MPEG2 to MPEG4, and change resolutions from QCIF to standard to high definition and back again, depending on network bandwidth availability.


Posted in September 29th, 2002

DSPWorx Cheetah - DSW2000S Chip

Published in Hardware, JPEG-2000, JPEG

This System-on-chip provides you with all the building blocks you need to perform several different kinds of compression and decompression, including MPEG, JPEG, and JPEG2000.

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Posted in September 28th, 2002

DemoGraFX to offer imaging IP cores in strategy shift

Published in Hardware, Video

DemoGraFX Inc. is going to be selling their video compression technology to semiconductor companies and system vendors. EE Times has the scoop.


Posted in September 15th, 2002

ViCAM®-III Digital Imaging Engine

Published in Hardware, JPEG

Vista Imaging makes this chip, designed to do the image processing needed for several different types of digital cameras. Among many other features, it has a JPEG compression engine.


Posted in July 25th, 2002

WIS Technologies announces PC Video chip

Published in Hardware, Video

EE Times carries this announcement of a new PC video encoder chip from WIS Technologies. The chip is designed to do the heavy lifting that is real trouble for a host CPU, by taking care of things like DCTs and motion estimation. It relies on that same host CPU to do format conversion and other more mundane tasks. The chip currently supports video formats that include DiVX, H.261, H.263, MPEG-2, and more


Posted in July 9th, 2002

Chinese JPEG2000 business on runway

Published in Hardware, JPEG-2000

This article in EE Times describes an effort to steer the Chinese
digital camera business onto the JPEG-2000 road. The goal is to create a chip that can be inserted into cameras for less than $10.
The supplier of the algorithm used in the chip is WIS Technologies.


Posted in July 9th, 2002


These folks make a box that transparently compresses network traffic. Designed to work on any sort of WAN interface, including T1, E1, ATM, etc. The web site includes an ROI calcuator that will convince you this box will pay for itself!


Posted in June 25th, 2002

Toshiba licensing MPEG-2 Codec

EETimes has an article about this new single-chip MEPG-2 codec built around Toshiba’s Media Embedded Processor architecture.


Posted in May 25th, 2002


This company sells an IP core that performs lossless data compression. Not sure what algorithm they are using, it is described as “GEMAC’s data compression algorithm.” This algorithm was first published at DCC ‘95, and is described as a hybrid of ZL1 and ZL2, created with the goal of maximizing compression rate.


Posted in May 14th, 2002

STMicro and 8×8 to team on video chips

Published in Hardware, Video

EE Times reports that Europe’s ST Microelectronics is teaming up with 8X8 Inc. to produce chips aimed at the IP Telephony market. They are hoping to create chips that will be used in network video applications.8X8 will be supplying advanced compression and decompression algorithms for the chip vendor to sell in silicon.


Posted in April 4th, 2002

Pulsent promises bang-up video compression

Privately held Pulsent is promising a new video compression technique that can stream video across the net with only half the bandwidth of MPEG2. They’ve not only created a new algorithm but are also developing the chips to support it.


Posted in March 26th, 2002

Hi/fn, Inc.

Hi/fn makes lossless compression hardware and software. They have a bunch of chips that implement LZS and MPCC compression, plus a library that does the same thing. I have been led to believe that these algorithms are partially or completely protected by patents.

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Posted in December 18th, 2001

SA-Comp/1 and SA-Comp/4 Data Compression SA

Cisco makes a box you can attach to their routers. The box performs lossless data compression.


Posted in December 18th, 2001 has proprietary lossless image compression technology called RICA (Reversible Image Compression Algorithm). RICA retains original file formats (e.g. TIFF, DICOM, BMP, TGA, PGM etc.). RICACom says We have yet to find any method that provides better compression ratios (for truly lossless), including wavelet. On a PII 450MHz RICA compresses @ 6MB per second and decompresses at 12MB per second.
Available as a standalone image archive app, Adobe Photoshop Plugin, Browser Plugin, and RICA SDK.

DCL reader Karen H. says: Evaluation of this product demonstates excellent compression ratios and it is also very fast compared to other methods I have used.

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Posted in December 15th, 2001

Nancy codec to give MPEG-4 a run for its money

Published in Hardware, Video

Nancy is the name of a lightweight video codec being used to send video email in the J-Phone design in Japan. The proprietary algorithm uses something called the Structured Meta Scale Polygon to compress data with fewer MIPS than its competition. Nancy can compress and decompress 30 fps at QCIF resolution with as little as 50 MIPS, using on ly 30-49Kbytes of memory.

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Posted in December 1st, 2001

JPEG2000 Bi-directional Image Coprocessor Chip

Published in Hardware, JPEG-2000

Analog Devices makes a JPEG2000 processor that can process better than 10 Megapixels per second. This chip is targeted towards the digital still camera market. You can find a press release on the page that says initial pricing is $14 in 10K quantities.


Posted in November 12th, 2001

Oak Technology JPEG Image Processor

Published in Hardware, JPEG

The PM-36 is a chip that is touted as processing up to 110 MB of data per second. Oak says it is suitable for copiers, printers, scanners, etc.


Posted in October 30th, 2001

Hardware Support for MP3Pro

Published in Hardware, MP3/MPEG Audio

EE Times reports that both TI and SMT are making chips that support the new MP3Pro format, clearing the way for its inclusion in portable audio devices.


Posted in September 21st, 2001

Stream Machines Selling MPEG-2 Chip

Stream Machines is selling a dedicate chip that will decode MPEG-1, -2, and -3, along with MP3 and other standards. The chip will be roughly $35 in quantity.


Posted in May 16th, 2001

JPEG200 In Accelerator Chip

Published in Hardware, JPEG-2000

Analog Devices has announced an acceleratory chip that supports the JPEG2000 image compression format. The chip is targeted towards digital still cameras, and is available now for $14 in quantitites.


Posted in May 13th, 2001

TI releases DSP Developer Support for JPEG2000

Texas Instruments announced the release of a DSP based Image Developer’s Kit, with support coming for JPEG2000, MPEG-4, and other standards.

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Posted in January 25th, 2001

Fourelle Systems

Fourelle Systems, the global market leader in accelerated content delivery. Venturi, Fourelle’s flagship product platform, speeds the performance of IP applications over WAN links including T1, frame relay, satellite, wireless, cable and dial-up. Venturi uses application level compressionand an optimized transport protocol to achieve up to 400% performance gains.


Posted in September 28th, 2000


Zapex makes chips, chip cores, and boards dedicated to real time compression, including MPEG-2 and AC3.


Posted in August 20th, 2000